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The 42 alumni and friends will serve on the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Visitors for a four-year term starting July 1, 2024.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees named 42 alumni and friends to serve on the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Visitors. Each new member is appointed to a four-year term starting July 1, 2024.  

Selected members serve as ambassadors to inform their communities about the University’s priorities and, in turn, educate the University about how it can best serve those communities. The Board is comprised of more than 200 members across the country who actively engage with the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees and the Chancellor to move Carolina forward. Members also offer their professional expertise and experience while serving on various subcommittees. In that capacity, members share helpful insights into the University and often mentor current students as they navigate their Carolina experience and transition into the workforce.  

Algernon (Alge) Crumpler of Suwanee, Ga., will serve as chair. James (Jim) Ammons Jr. of Fayetteville, North Carolina, will serve as vice chair. Jane Ellison of Wilmington, North Carolina, will serve as the immediate past chair.   

The new members are listed below by North Carolina counties and by locations outside of North Carolina.  

  • North Carolina 

Alamance County: Amy Galey of Burlington  

Cleveland County: Michael Ribadeneyra of Shelby  

Cumberland County: Andrea Dickerson; Margit Hicks; and Claire Hill of Fayetteville  

Durham County: Roger McDougal and Scott McCulloch of Durham   

Forsyth County: Tammy Overcash of Kernersville  

Guilford County: Stephen Austin of Greensboro   

Henderson County: David Hart of Mills River  

Martin County: John Roney, Jr. of Williamston 

Mecklenburg County: Laurie Durden; Tracey Hummell; Freeman Jackson, Jr.; Caroline Shah-Khan; Melissa Kruger; Kellie Lofton; Jessica Patel; Michael Peterson; and Michael Smith of Charlotte  

Orange County: John Chapman; Michael Parker; and Raymond Sawyer of Chapel Hill  

Wake County: Amy Auth; Michael Connell; Kenan Drum; Rufus Edmisten; Matthew Eisley; William Fan; James Jolley; Harrison Kaplan; Sarah Maddison; Tommy Sevier; and Kari Stoltz of Raleigh  

  • California  

Kevin Clark of Alamo and Joseph Kauffman of San Francisco 

  • District of Columbia 

Mildred Webber of Washington  

  • Georgia   

Tamaurus Sutton of Atlanta  

  • Maryland   

Katherine Daniel of Chevy Chase  

  • New York 

Brooke Baldwin of New York  

  • South Carolina   

Charles Hamrick, IV of Sullivan’s Island  

  • Virginia   

John Weaver of Arlington 

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